Bike Build

Race Proven Engineering Quality
to Regulation Standards

Crafted by our skilled team, we excel in delivering bespoke race-ready bikes tailored specifically to your unique specifications and desires.

motorcycle frame without engine

Here is our Kawasaki ZX-10RR superbike waiting for the refreshed engine to be installed. We completely re-built this bike, transforming it from a poorly put together BSB example from 2016 to an updated WSBK specification for 2022. The performance and reliability difference was night and day.

Most competition machines (unless you have a budget similar to a MotoGP team) are based on road-going street bikes. For the last 8 years in Hungary we have been converting street bikes for competition and been successful with them.

Even when things do not go to plan, we can rebuild competition machines to get them back on track again, as we did for this customer.

crashed parts

There is a sad story behind every crash and the bike from the photo above was no exception. Despite a heavy, unusual crash, the strength of our build meant the damage suffered was kept to a minimum and these were the only components that needed to be replaced. Actually the dashboard still works but an outer shell is unfortunately not available as a separate part.

about16 1

It’s not only race bikes that we work on. We also keep some street bikes in fantastic condition.