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Are you ready to elevate your riding experience and unlock the true potential of your motorcycle?

Forget the superficial ‘bolt-on bling’ — it’s time to aim for genuine performance enhancements.

Let’s be honest, a lot of money is spent by riders changing parts just because they want a premium branded accessory or product on their bike.

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Brembo brake master cylinder? Ohlins shock absorber? Of course they look good but unless it is fully understood what that change has made to other areas of the bike’s dynamics and performance then the full value of the upgrade has been lost.

At XLR8 racing, we combine more than two decades of road and track competition expertise to offer unparalleled tuning and coaching services.

Whether it’s refining your skills on the bike or optimizing your machine’s performance, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve excellence.

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Discover the difference that professional tuning and expert coaching can make. Join us in the pursuit of real performance.

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Explore our range of services such as bespoke fabrication to see how we can enhance your biking experience, maximising both your enjoyment and performance, whether you’re cruising the streets or hitting the track.

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